Fast, High Quality Production for Custom Ear Products

3D printing custom hearing products allows for greater control and consistency, and with the quality and affordability

Digital manufacturing provides greater control and accuracy compared to traditional mold production, significantly reducing errors and remakes.

3D printing has transformed the audiology space. Hearing specialists and ear mold labs are using digital workflows to manufacture higher quality custom ear products more consistently, and at higher volumes.

Soft Silicone Ear Molds

Mandala’s Standard Clear Resin has the optimal properties required for manufacturing custom silicone ear molds for applications like behind-the-ear hearing aids, hearing protection, and custom ear plugs and earbuds.

Custom Earbuds

Paired with leading in-ear scanning technology, the  3D printing workflow offers an end-to-end, easy to use solution for bringing on-demand high quality custom earbuds to any mass market environment.