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Solidworks CAM

High-Speed Machining – Volumill As manufacturing becomes more competitive around the world, it is important to get the most out of all aspects of the manufacturing process. In 2018 SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional provided Volumill toolpath to improve tool life and shorten cycle times on milled components. 

Machine-Specific Rules (machining strategies)

Due to the affordability of CNC equipment today, most shops are adding equipment that covers multiple disciplines. It is common to find facilities that have Lasers, Plasma, Mills, and Lathes to meet the growing demand to be a “one-stop shop” for their customers. SOLIDWORKS CAM 2018 allowed users to apture rules based on feature geometry and material type. In SOLIDWORKS 2019, users will be able to assign feature geometry and material to a specific machine. This extended functionality will allow the companies to standardise their manufacturing process more accurately.

Tolerance-Based Machining in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019 introduces some powerful new capabilities that dramatically reduce the time required to generate CNC programs for Turned parts with close tolerances, and surface finish requirements.Tolerance-Based Machining in SOLIDWORKS 2018 started with understanding tolerances on milled components. Starting in SOLIDWORKS 2019, users will be able to extend this automation to turned components for lathes using SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional. The addition of planer feature recognition will allow automatic recognition of machining strategies for OD and ID lathe geometry.

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