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The prototyping is generally a first sampling without mold, in order to check the appearance or functions according to drawings or 3D designs .A newly developed or designed product needs to be prototyped. The prototyping is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product. It is the most effective way to find out the defects, shortcomings and drawbacks of the design, so as to improve the design.   In Rapid Prototyping, Sibai served customers from different fields, such as for electronic products, machines and equipment, automation, hydraulic and pneumatic.

The Prototyping can have the functions below: 

√ To develop new product types, to realize the samples.

√ To test new products’ defects, so as to improve the product designs.

√ To reduce the risk of product R&D, which can reduce costs.

√ To increase the developing efficiency.

√ For exhibition, showing as samples.