Construction, Cities & Territories

Rising urban populations around the world have ushered in the concept of Smart Cities, in which digital innovations are used to address long-standing urban challenges. With technology connecting almost everything we see, what are our priorities for advancing the built environment? What processes and systems will enable us to best create comfortable, beautiful, dynamic, and sustainable structures and cities? How will we leverage collaboration on the cloud, 3D simulation, automation, digital continuity, and virtual environments to transform the traditional processes that design and deliver our buildings, civil infrastructure and cities? To survive and thrive in the post-digital era, all teams large and small operating in Construction, Cities & Territories must orient around these key catalysts:

Ensure a resourceful future for your city, organization, operation, or business

Governments, agencies, operators and industry must better understand their cities, sites, operations, and resources to secure their future and realize their full potential. To do so, they must make plans to ensure they have the required resources (natural, human, and infrastructure), to continuously revitalize themselves, and to respond to disasters, environmental changes, and threats to security.

Creativity x Reality x Flexibility

Overcome barriers to achieve total creative flexibility. Gain an entirely fresh competitive advantage—and design with more certainty, more confidence, more creative variation. Today’s solutions offer meticulous design precision, parametric tools, and digital continuity.Automation speeds up the iteration process for rapid feedback cycles. More importantly, the collective intelligence of key project contributors strengthens the design and fortifies the intent with substance.

Provide value and innovation upstream and downstream

Suppliers are not immune to the inefficiency of rework. They operate independently, digitally disconnected from the architects’ and engineers’ outputs. They duplicate information from models and drawings to develop digital designs, which is wasteful and can introduce errors.Mandala Engineering platform lets architects, engineers and suppliers provide more value and innovation upstream. In addition, it improves coordination and communication with contractors, and control over logistics.

Sustainable, Secure and Resilient Future.

For cities to remain vibrant entities, they must be continuously renewed and revitalized, and have the ability to replenish resources. With the Mandala platform you create a “3D Model” of your city, operation or site, based on a single source of truth digital referential. Using real world data and this virtual referential, you can imagine and play with ideas to deliver better plans, and understand the impact of various disruptions.

Respect the Art

Architecture is a creative pursuit. To build something beautiful and to make a positive impact on the built environment are the rewards sought by those called to the profession.Inflexible tools, limited information, and tight time frames obstruct the creative process and degrade the quality of presented solutions during design competitions.

Enable greater precision and control

Communicate closely and accurately across multiple disciplines

Simulate and prepare for unexpected economic, environmental, safety, or security-related disruptions

Establish a single source of truth, a digital referential to enable modeling above and beneath the surface.

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