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oday’s consumers in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) & Retail industry are no longer concerned with just product quality and price, they now want to be part of a collaborative product experience.  When a brand or retailer fails to deliver on these expectations, consumers will move on.  As a result, CPG product lifecycles are getting shorter.  Leading CPG and Retail companies are leveraging digital solutions to deliver innovation from concept to consumer with extraordinary speed to delight consumers and drive sustainable business growth.

Production Complexity

Consumer trends are shifting faster causing CPG brand manufacturers to expand their product lines….on short innovation cycle times. Resolving production complexity means establishing best practices across complex manufacturing networks where different plants in different geographies may have inconsistent machinery, layouts, workforces, and regulations.

Profit Pressure & Cost Containment

Increase the product innovation success rate.As the pressure from shareholders and competitors rises, it’s more important than ever for companies to get innovation ‘right the first time’. This means launching projects on time and below cost parameters. In order to do this, decision-makers need to be working with the best information.

Health & Wellness

Consumers are becoming more proactive about their health and this is being reflected in the brands they support, the ingredients they believe in, and the products they purchase. As consumers demand ‘healthy’ and ‘sustainable’ products, governments have reacted by implementing more regulations regarding products in order to protect consumers.

Value Chain Agility

The success of online product ordering and receiving has raised consumer expectations of how they receive products. As a result, CPG brand manufacturers and retailers need to rethink how they deliver products. There are various models that can be implemented and consumers will choose their own path (i.e. ‘order online, pick up in store’, ‘order online, ship to home’, ‘provide list, stores pick product’).

Great Design

Just click & drag to create beautiful pages in a matter of minutes. No designer talent or coding skills necessary.

Easy To Use

No matter if you’ve used a visual page builder before, with Brizy you’ll be a pro the second you start using it

Premade items

Brizy is a front-end page builder where what you see is what you get. We designed it so you can be in complete control.

Added Every Week

No more buffering – create, style and enjoy. Our user interface was built on React – the most efficient JS library.

Free & Pro

Every text, image, icon or button can be edited or replaced simply by selecting it and applying our customisation options.

Color Customisation

Bring vibrance to your site by setting color & transparency with our color overlays options. Simple, fast & stylish.

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