Product performance and capabilities are evolving exponentially, design and technologies are becoming more challenging, and market/business pressure are constantly mounting. These factors are driving the need for cohesive, adaptive design capabilities for today’s products that can only be produced effectively through purpose-built mechatronics software.

With the dawn of the Mechatronics product design, the day of siloed engineering design tools has gone the way of the drafting board. Having purpose-built collaborative tools is critical to tackling today’s complex designs. The use of translators or data import tools does not come close to the seamless collaboration needed between engineering disciplines required to design today’s smart, connected products.

Design software purpose-built for Mechatronics product design is one of the most critical items necessary. Most tools today support collaboration via translation and import of cross-discipline data, however, using data from cross disciplines can lead to design errors and mass productions failures, scrap and reworks.

Having purpose-built mechatronic solutions also mitigates the risk that design data between disciplines is not synchronized or is out of date, eliminating the most common source of design errors. As the complexity of design increases, so does the risk of design-related failures.

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