1. Industrial Equipment

Digitalize manufacturing to deliver made-to-order innovation.

Production of one

The MandalaEngineering Consultancy platform is the only solution providing a single environment where manufacturers can work more closely with customers and develop customized solutions at unprecedented speed, efficiency, and cost. Enhanced multi-site collaboration allows them to manage and coordinate facility capacity, operations, inventory and resources in a way that’s profitable and efficient.SOLUTIONS

Make better use of your machine data Intelligent Connected Systems connect people and technologies in a way that exponentially expands innovative capacity to create cutting-edge products that may not have been imagined yet. Real-time access to the same unique data provides tighter collaboration between groups supporting the same customers.Providing a comprehensive view of product and process information for all of these disciplines inherently connects them together.

Technology enables better customer relationships.

The Mandala platform enables manufacturers and their customers to go from ideation to final delivery in one virtual environment. This integrated digital experience is driven by customer specifications to facilitate the way equipment is designed, produced, delivered and serviced.

  1. Improve decision-making with contextual and accurate information in real time

2 Bring collaboration to the core of production facilities and resources to deliver highly agile and configurable equipment

3 Harness all of your process data to improve operations and to model and simulate your network offerings