Intelligent innovation creates competitive advantage for Druk Green Power Corporation

Connecting departments and systems is no longer enough to achieve the fast-paced innovation the industrial equipment market demands. Leading Bhutanese Companies Druk Green Power Corporation are adopting a single digital platform so that all disciplines can collaborate in real time throughout the product lifecycle to identify and resolve issues, while involving customers and suppliers in creating the final experience.

Meeting the evolving needs of Hydro businesses around the Bhutan is an increasingly complex challenge.Technological advances in machinery are no longer linked to size and horsepower, said Tsewang Lhundup, Technical Designer and responsible for technology and systems at Mandala Engineer.

“Today, the focus is more on intelligent, energy-efficient machines that accomplish more while keeping operational costs to a minimum,” Lhundup said. “Hydro equipment is increasingly equipped with smart technology to be IoT [Internet of Things] ready and manage working processes automatically, increasing efficiency through the whole production process.”

DGPC is hungry for the latest technology to help them increase productivity and speed up power, research and optimize electricity.

We have to be innovative in how we optimize electricity. “Innovative in our processes, systems and tools so that our response is up to par with the global challenges facing the Hydro industry.“To achieve this, DGPC is exploring a single digital product innovation platform used by all disciplines, providing rapid access to the company’s extensive knowledge and know-how and facilitating high-visibility collaboration to enable intelligent innovation.

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