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We’re Mandala Engineers, a strategic Consultancy firm. We work with ambitious brands to create high-impact products, services, systems and spaces – that people love.

Because what matters to people, matters to business.

Pro Service Plan

| BTN 50.000-

Tailored for professionals, this premier support service is designed to meet the needs of your business and deliver rapid response to critical issues.

Enterprise Service Plan

Designed to provide maximum uptime, this top tier service enables production teams to partner with a dedicated contact to keep their fleet healthy with advanced training, hardware options, and remote monitoring when available.

Training & Seminiar

Make the best out of your software & Hardware by training yourself into a skilled professional

Customer Care

There is no doubt that good Services and training pays dividends. Our unique Care and training programs are designed to maximize your success.

Submit a request to our support team. Make sure to follow our guidelines to submitting a request, and include details and photos of the problem you’re having so that we can help you as effectively as possible.

We are Local

We’re staffed in capital of Bhutan for extended business hours. Our team can assist in English, German, French, and Italian; plus, we’re flexible to work with non-English speakers.

Latest Technologies

Our researchers, designers, technologists and strategists are here to help our clients explore and create what’s next. We’re a curious bunch, continuously expanding our offering and capabilities. Whether that’s AI, 3D, or mixed reality – we’re up for the challenge.  

Humans helping humans.

When you contact Mandala Services, you’re immediately working with one of our expert users. We know innovative solutions and 3D designs inside and out, and what it feels like to run into problems.

Fast and friendly

We aim for fast replies and fast solution. We’ll be back to you within hours, not days.

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