Transportation & Mobility

Advance innovation of autonomous vehicles to change the way the world moves.Driving vehicle innovation toward the future of Transportation and Mobility industry

Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

Next-generation vehicle success requires advanced creative design, shared intelligence, systems engineering and multi-domain collaboration.

New Customer

Dream, explore, validate then seamlessly produce bold new mobility options for demanding global consumers.

Quality, Regulations, Cost

Accelerate profitable new opportunities, while ensuring quality, fulfilling global/local requirements, and minimizing expenses.e it easy for you to work with.

Mass Production to Mass Customization

Improve visibility, efficiency, and control of manufacturing production and operations, within and across global/local plants.

Enabling Smarter, Safer Vehicles

Driverless, connected cars are ushering in a new era of travel that is efficient, affordable, clean and green. Experts predict these systems will transform travel in the years to come and shape the future of mobility, smart cities, and interactive communities.

Design, Validate, Deliver the Smarter Vehicles

The soul of tomorrow’s vehicle innovation originates from an intelligent core of embedded systems and electronics. But while advancing smarter vehicles, innovators must also manage complexity, optimize performance, and ensure vehicle safety. Mandala platform delivers innovative applications that support end-to-end digital continuity between the multiple disciplines involved in conceptual design, embedded systems and software development of the intelligent car. Carmakers can address vehicle development using a systems engineering approach to manage the complex tasks for making cars smarter, safer and higher performance.

Transforming Vehicle Environments

Let’s not get technical! Create up-to-date designs without writing a single line of code. Build clean, minimalistic, beautifully crafted websites perfectly fit for any device.

Virtually Optimize Development

Local vehicle innovators and suppliers, pursuing complex new opportunities, want to ensure that they can satisfy customer requirements and still deliver profitable results, on target, and aligned with their resources and capabilities.

Optimize global operations, adapt to local demands

Managing regulatory compliance and minimizing product recall by improving product quality, and balancing profitability, are key factors that drive today’s competitive, profitable manufacturing.

Synchronize and enhance multi-disciplinary design/engineering/production collaboration

Win hearts with the power of 3D virtual emotional brand building presentations

Improve the buying experience, reducing the number of vehicles in inventory, while increasing sales of accessories and high-margin options

Transform engineering processes with holistic systems engineering development and performance

Improve speed, quality and reach of digital product promotion by leveraging your virtual capabilities to achieve synergies between various digital/media content productions

Provide better visibility and alignment of manufacturing operations